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If your house attic is improperly insulated and ventilated, the first step to getting things right is the removal of the old Attic Insulation In San Jose and making sure that the ventilation measures are working properly so that any new insulation will not be ruined by a buildup of moisture within the attic space. This can cause other problems as well.

Proper attic insulation and ventilation are essential for your home. When properly done this will drastically lower your power bills and extend the life of your heating and cooling systems. If you already have insulation, as noted above, it will have to be removed before the new insulation can be installed.

If there are ventilation issues, which may have ruined your current insulation, there may also be issues with mold and mildew. We are experts at removing old, useless insulation and mold and mildew in a safe and cost-effective manner, and all of our work is licensed and insured. This must be done, and the ventilation problem fixed before the new insulation can be installed. We have helped thousands of homeowners increase the efficiency of their homes; customers who know that your satisfaction is the most important thing to us, and our guarantee backs that promise up.

It should be noted that many new homes have insufficient insulation and ventilation and are just as susceptible to these problems as older homes. When it comes to mold, we always use E.P.A. registered sanitizers and anti-microbial products with advanced nanotechnology products to prevent the return of mold, but the main factor in eliminating mold is eliminating moisture through proper ventilation of your attic space.
You may decide to remove your old insulation simply because most home manufacturers use the cheapest fiberglass insulation they can find or because you have had rodent infestations. After ensuring that we have removed any nests and waste they left behind we will make sure there is no way for them to get back into the attic space. We install premium grade cellulose blown attic insulation San Jose which is the best attic insulation on the market and which has been proven to outperform all forms of fiberglass products during both the heating and cooling seasons.

The Best Types of Insulation for Attics

Blown-in Cellulose Insulation

Cellulose is an eco-friendly non-toxic insulation material made from recycled newspaper, which has been treated for fire, mold, and pest resistance. It may be installed in loose form or densely packed into cavities to minimize air leakage. For customers who do not use their attics, we install blown-in cellulose along the attic floor — with added depth to provide superior soundproofing and accommodate settling, For homeowners who desire useable space, we can densely pack the cellulose under the attic floorboards or into the rafter cavities.

Start Experiencing the Benefits of Attic Insulation San Jose

Maine homeowners deserve top-quality insulation solutions for reliable indoor comfort and energy savings year-round. If you’re looking for smart ways to upgrade your home comfort and increase home energy efficiency, talk to the professionals at Attic Cleaning San Jose. As your local insulation contractor, we are ready to help you assess your attic and make effective insulation improvements that offer lasting benefits.
Mineral Wool Featuring melted down stone and recycled slag from steel mills, mineral wool batts are more widely utilized in Canada and Europe but are currently enjoying a resurgence in the US. Compared to fiberglass, mineral wool is costlier, but you get what you pay for due to the following advantages: 

Fire Barrier – Mineral wool doesn’t even begin to burn until it reaches 1,8000 degrees Fahrenheit. In the worst-case scenario of a house fire, this will buy the fire department crucial, potentially home-saving extra minutes to arrive at the scene and take care of business. 

Water Warrior – In addition to being fire-resistant, mineral wool is also water-resistant, able to continue insulating even in the face of the worst moisture leak. 

Wall of (No) Sound – Mineral wool is extremely effective at blocking outside noise from entering your home. 

There’s only one drawback with mineral wool insulation, but it’s a significant one: inhaling it during insulation can be potentially cancerous. Proceed with extreme caution if you’re present for the insulation installation.

Regardless of what equipment you have, we’ve likely services it before. We’ve serviced everything from older legacy units to the most modern air conditioning and heating technologies and controls. We have a large supplier network to find the right replacement parts to minimize system downtime.

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