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Looking for a way to make your HVAC system more efficient? Insulation is a critical component in ensuring that heating and cooling units are able to work more effectively. In addition to keeping valuable temperature-controlled air in the house, it also protects roofs, attics, and other structural parts. For reduced utility bills, as well as a simultaneous improvement for your household’s health, speak to San Jose & Surrounding Areas, Heating & Cooling. We offer dependable San Jose & Surrounding Areas, attic insulation services, so get in touch with our Diamond Certified experts online or call us at (669) 207-9691.
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The Advantages of New Attic Insulation

Although houses are almost always supplied with some form of insulation, this insulation will eventually wear out over time. Replacing insulation may cost an initial fee, but the results of this will be extremely advantageous to homeowners.

Some of the best benefits of installing new insulation include:

  • A reduction of noise – Insulation is critical in keeping the sounds of the outside world where they belong. For the best levels of privacy and peace, a new layer of insulation can offer the quiet residents have been dreaming of.
  • Decreasing the presence of pests – Unwanted insects, such as roaches, flies, ants, and mosquitoes, as well as spiders and centipedes, love to crawl into the cracks of a home. Making sure that the walls, attic, closets, and other empty spaces are filled with dense insulation is key to preventing a pest infestation.
  • Greater safety for the house’s integrity – The roof, attic, and even the foundations of a home can suffer from natural problems on the inside and out. Insulation protects these critical components from weakening over time.



"San Jose Heating & Cooling sent me many texts and emails to ensure that I did not miss my appointment. They were prompt and on-time, gave me lots of coupons, and kept me updated. My technician was friendly and efficient. He was thorough in his explanations. In less than an hour, he was done. This was a great way to ensure my furnace runs at its best."

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How Often Does Insulation Need to Be Replaced?

Insulation, when first installed, will fill out the entirety of the designated space, whether in the attic or between the walls. However, over time, even if the insulation is not damaged in any way by natural elements, it will start to settle or sink down. For example, after about 10 years, a foot of insulation can settle by 50%, leaving about six inches of space. This level of sinkage means the current insulation will not be nearly as effective at its job. Other reasons that insulation may need to be replaced would include being damaged by rats, mice, and other pests. Wild animals love to make nests in insulation. In addition to causing the insulation to be less efficient, this is also highly unsanitary to people living in the house. To avoid the illnesses spread by coming in contact with rodents and their waste, speak to our techs. Our experts at San Jose & Surrounding Areas, Heating & Cooling are devoted to the comfort and safety of our customers. We only provide the best quality products, so residents can feel true peace of mind. To prolong the life of your roof and attic, schedule a free estimate for our San Jose & Surrounding Areas, attic insulation services by calling us at (669) 207-9691.

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