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Trying to manage all the duties of a business, in addition to maintaining its physical space, is a tremendous job. The great news is that our HVAC specialists at San Jose & Surrounding Areas, Heating & Cooling are here to help. From repairs to maintenance, new installations to replacements, we handle it all.

Our comprehensive range of San Jose & Surrounding Areas, commercial HVAC services includes support for:

  • Air conditioning 
  • HVAC system designs 
  • HVAC installation 
  • HVAC repair 
  • Heating
  • Indoor air quality 
  • HVAC maintenance
san jose commercial hvac contractor services

How HVAC Maintenance Can Save Your Business Money

Anyone who is a business owner or manager knows that one of the biggest responsibilities involves taking care of the physical property, along with its appliances. However, it is also important to make sure that these tasks do not involve excessive expenditure. This is why property owners often worry whether arranging maintenance will require a lot of expenses. The truth is that regular maintenance actually goes a long way toward improving the lifespan and performance of any comfort system. A heater or air conditioner that is frequently checked will not experience blocked filters or clogged vents.

san jose commercial hvac contractor service
Experts can rapidly fix issues before they develop into deeper problems, requiring extensive repair or even a total replacement. When an HVAC system is well-maintained, its longer lifespan means that business owners can save money that would be spent on buying new units. For trustworthy heating and cooling care in Santa Clara, get in touch onlineor call us at (669) 207-9691.

"San Jose Heating & Cooling sent me many texts and emails to ensure that I did not miss my appointment. They were prompt and on-time, gave me lots of coupons, and kept me updated. My technician was friendly and efficient. He was thorough in his explanations. In less than an hour, he was done. This was a great way to ensure my furnace runs at its best."

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How to Tell If a Commercial Property Needs Indoor Air Quality Support

Providing a space that is comfortable and secure for both employees and clients is an essential duty of any business owner. This does not just mean removing tripping hazards from floor surfaces or fixing any loose wiring. Indoor air quality is a critical part of keeping a commercial property safe. The problem is that it can be difficult to tell when the air quality of a business is deteriorating, simply because the pollutants are so tiny. It is a good idea to get a comprehensive inspection from our techs to determine what kind of particulates are invading your space. Before arranging for an inspection, however, business owners can look out for key warning signals. Arrange for a thorough air quality test with our professionals after noticing:
  • HVAC vents that have been covered with dust
  • Symptoms of unexplained migraines, dizziness, and breathing problems from staff
  • Visible signs of mold, mildew, or other organic growth
  • Continual cases of colds and allergies experienced by guests or employees
  • Air filters that are clogged with hair, dander, and dirt
  • An increase in pollen from the trees, bushes, and flowers around the business’s exterior
Our techs at San Jose & Surrounding Areas, Heating & Cooling can help advise which system or combination of systems would be best to combat poor indoor air quality. Speak to our dedicated team today at (669) 207-9691 with any questions you may have related to our San Jose & Surrounding Areas, commercial HVAC services.

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