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A traditional HVAC system, also known as a central forced air system, uses ductwork to direct temperature-controlled air all across a house. Ductwork has been a reliable and popular option for heating and cooling systems for a long time. However, to keep a unit working dependably, it is important to have a trustworthy team of specialists on hand. With our ductwork services in San Jose & Surrounding Areas, residents can feel peace of mind in knowing that their system is working properly. 

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When to Install New Ductwork

Many homes in Santa Clara and the surrounding areas are automatically installed with a duct network to provide both heating and cooling. However, those who are building their homes from the ground up would benefit from our dedicated duct installations. While a ready-made duct system can still clearly provide the necessary cooling or heating for a house, there are even more advantages that come from ductwork installed in new construction. Since none of the drywall or insulation has been added, it is more flexible to arrange the ductwork around them. HVAC experts can set up the ducts in a way that is more efficient for energy usage, which will reduce utility bills each month. Not only will residents save money on heating and cooling bills in the future, but a new installation will cost less. This is because it requires fewer materials to build the duct trunks and duct pipes. Learn more about the benefits of installing ducts during new construction by speaking to our knowledgeable techs. For emergency services, reach out to us at (669) 207-9691, or get in touch with us online for rapid support in Santa Clara.  

"San Jose Heating & Cooling sent me many texts and emails to ensure that I did not miss my appointment. They were prompt and on-time, gave me lots of coupons, and kept me updated. My technician was friendly and efficient. He was thorough in his explanations. In less than an hour, he was done. This was a great way to ensure my furnace runs at its best."

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Signs of Trouble in Your Ductwork

Most traditional furnaces and air conditioners use a complex network of ducts to push cool or warm air into every room of a house. The problem is that the intricate arrangement of trunks, transitions, and distribution boxes can become blocked up or disconnected. Ducts may also suffer from a leak due to old age. Faulty ducts can result in many issues over time. It is crucial to look out for the signs that something is going wrong in a duct system to schedule prompt repairs. A couple of key indicators that the ducts should be checked out by our professionals include:
  • Increased utility bills – When ducts are leaky or broken, they cause the heating or cooling to be more inefficient. Since the HVAC unit has to work even harder to bring the home to its desired temperature, this results in higher energy bills.
  • Poor indoor air quality – Ducts that are broken or cracked let in a lot of extra dust and debris. These particles mix with pollen, dander, hair, and other particulates, and are then blown through the vents into the rooms.
It might be time to replace the current system with more efficient ductwork, so speak to San Jose & Surrounding Areas, Heating & Cooling for more info. We are able to offer thorough finance plans for ductwork services in San Jose & Surrounding Areas, so reach out to us at (669) 207-9691.

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